Tig Grant
Applicant Questions and Answers

An applicant asked:

In reading through you RFP, you may need to provide a more detailed overview of the scope or the areas that you want (or don’t want) the providers to review. To aid in your thinking, can you let me know which of the following are included within the scope of the review:
  1. Technology strategy/policy review (we typically keep this to high level policies – just to see what you have and what might be missing. As to strategy, we typically look at cloud vs. on premises, centralization, larger technology direction)
    Answer: Yes. This is included in the review

  2. Technology organization review (if there is dedicated IT staff, what is the right organization required to support and, high level, are you skilled correctly)
    Answer: No. We have staff with appropriate skills. We may want to look at training opportunities though.

  3. Technology process review (does the IT team follow standard work practices and processes – everything from change control to use of checklists)
    Answer: Yes. We have some tools but this should be reviewed for comprehensiveness.

  4. Technology infrastructure (the review of servers, routers, switches, LAN, WAN, remote access, backup/recovery, disaster recovery, telephony)
    Answer: Yes. But not telephony. We have a new phone system that does not need review.

  5. Technology applications (review of the software automation you use including the opportunities for new and innov[sic]
    Answer: Yes. Document Production/Automation is of particular interest.

  6. Information Security review (policy, process, security assessment, penetration testing – this is usually done by a separate provider via a separate project
    Answer: Yes. But only as to Security policy review in accordance with question 1 above. We are not seeking testing of security systems.

There are also a few other items that may wish to share with the potential bidders to include:

  • Number of computer users Answer: 105 (that number will grow slightly larger in the new year)
  • Number of IT staff and roles (an org chart with roles/titles would be even better, but not required) Answer: 2. One IT Manager and one IT Technician.
  • Number and size of offices/locations (as appropriate) Answer: 5 physical office locations.
  • List of current software applications (perhaps list major applications and versions used) Answer: MS Office 2007 and various document production software.
  • LAN/WAN diagrams (perhaps describe the technical environment at a high level) Answer: Hub-and-Spoke Wide Area Network